Architectural/Engineering Services

Load-bearing wall demolition can be complex. We work with Ottawa’s best engineers to deliver creative solutions for challenging situations.
Our close relationship with engineers and the building department allows us to deliver the best results fast. We can help you with structural drawings and permits to finish your project on time and the right way.

Load-Bearing Wall Removal

No matter where in your house or building you need a wall removed, we can take care of it. The skills to tear out a load-bearing wall while leaving the rest of the structure intact have taken us years to perfect.
First, temporary support must be built to hold up the structure while the work is being done. Next, careful demolition removes the old wall. Finally, the new support system is installed, and the temporary supports are removed.
We have the equipment and know-how to demolish any load-bearing wall while protecting your home or building.

Beam Installation

When you remove a load-bearing wall, something has to bear that load, or your house could fall down. We’ll seamlessly tie a beam into your home to carry that weight and allow you to safely enjoy a more open space.
We have experience installing every type of beam to accomplish your goals. Our team will ensure proper beam placement and attachment that will stand the test of time.

Structural Design

We can help you determine the best course for demolishing your load-bearing wall and replacing it. Structural design starts with inspecting your building and getting an understanding of what your project goals are.
Next, our team finds the perfect solution to transform your space. Then, designs can be finalized so the work can begin.
Our structural design services deliver the strongest and safest way to open your space up.


Demolition may seem like simply swinging some sledgehammers around until everything falls down. But really, it can be a complicated task that should be performed with care.
We have years of experience performing every type of demolition possible safely, cleanly and efficiently. You won’t have to worry about accidents, excessive noise or huge messes when you hire Ottawa Structural Demolition. 

Our experts will complete your demolition project on time and within your budget. There’s no task too big or small for Ottawa Structural Demolition! Call us now to learn more about our demolition services!