We Demo Walls,Quickly, Safely and Cleanly

About Our Team

We’ve got years of experience in load-bearing wall demolition around Ottawa. We’re trusted by general contractors, homeowners, building inspectors and architectural firms for our precision and integrity. 

Your structure is in good hands with our team. We’ll help you transform your home or building while preserving its character for decades of use and enjoyment.


Architectural/Engineering Services

Load-bearing wall demolition can be complex We work with Ottawa’s best engineers

Load-Bearing Wall Removal

No matter where in your house or building you need a wall removed, we can take care of it.

Structural Design

We can help you determine the best course for demolishing your load-bearing wall and replacing it.

Beam Installation

When you remove a load-bearing wall, something has to bear that load, or your house could fall down


Demolition may seem like simply swinging some sledgehammers around until everything falls down.


Need A Quote For A Project?

Please give us as much details as you can provide for the most accurate estimate. If you don’t have all the details, just give us the basics and we’ll help you figure it out!